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12 May

A few days ago was my daughter’s 12th birthday. Earlier on, we already asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said, she either wanted an MP3 or a Ukalele. As for an MP3, I’m not so sure if that gadget still exists since everyone plays music in their phones now. So, I told my Hubby that we can buy her a Ukalele instead, so she will learn how to play. So, when HUbby went out of town to travel, he secretly bought a Ukalele and surprised our daughter when he returned! Our daughter was really happy and we’re also glad that she’s so interested to play an instrument. We could have gotten musicians friend reviews , but it was bought in a rush so we didn’t have the time. But I think the Ukalele my Husband bought for her was of good quality.

19 Apr

Kids nowadays have different wishes for toys. When I was younger, I remember only asking a Barbie Doll and even getting that doll took a long time as my mom asked me to save up my own money. Nowadays, children’s toys are more expensive and more hi tech too. My son asked me one time if I can get him a launch pad. I’m really not so sure what this is, but it has something to do with mixing music. Then later, he asked for a DJ table or a DJ set! I know he is so much into music that he might even want me to get other gadgets like line 6 m13 , in the future. But, I’m sorry my son, your mom can afford to buy you a launch pad nor a DJ set. Can I just buy you a microphone instead? :)

6 Feb

It has been 5 months since our children are enrolled in a homeschool learning center and they are extremely enjoying their experience. They love seeing their friends every school day and having a grand time socializing. I think this is the part they missed when we were in Thailand since they really didn’t have friends who can understand them 100% due to language barriers. In terms of academics, my daughter is adjusting well with IGCSE curriculum. The only subject where she is having a tough time is Malay since it’s her first time being exposed to the language. Before she took the IGCSE curriculum, she did an assessment test and they placed her in grade 8 which is actually a year ahead for her age. But I guess the pacing is ok and she’s doing well. As for my younger child, he is the one who had to make a lot of adjustments. It has been quite difficult homeschooling him as he needed a lot of prodding and encouragement for him to do his work. And since I’m his mom, he tended to be very complacent with me up to the point of me getting exasperated. That was actually one of the ‘signs’ for me to consider sending him to a homeschool center with his sister. As for our daughter, earlier on we have already decided to send her to a center to prepare her for IGCSE exams. So, this is where we are in our ‘journey’ for now. We still relish our homeschool days, but even if our kids are in a ‘school’ now, we still do a lot of fun learning activities with our kids, just like we did during our homeschool… because as they say, learning never ends. Oh, and this reminds me to look for a guitar center near me for guitar classes for my daughter.

7 Dec

It’s the time of the month again when we will be busy buying and rceiving Christmas gifts! Honestly, it’s just now that this thought is coming to me after picking up a name for our office ‘Kris Kringle’. The thought of receiving gifts excites me but on the other hand, the thought of buying Christmas gifts and going from store to store tires me. We don’t have much time for Christmas shopping and much less budget.. hahaha! Anyways, it can be done since nothing also replaces the joy of giving, right? As for the budget, there are great gifts that we can buy that not overly expensive. I’m not sure if  lucille guitar at can be in that category  but there are a lot of quality shops which sells gift items at an affordable price. So, Christmas shopping will have to start soon, but first let me make my list. :)

27 Sep

” I want to learn how to play the drums”, my daughter blurted out last week. Oh, I didn’t expect that. Because a few years ago she was interested to learn how to play the guitar and now she wants to learn to play the drums. Guitar, I can handle, we can save up a bit to buy her a proper guitar, but how to get a set of drums for her to practice or where to we get someone to teach her? Anyways, our daughter sounded serious and she’s actually musically inclined, it’s just that she didn’t have a lot of opportunities to learn when we were in Thailand. Now, that we’re in Malaysia, I guess it’ll be easier for us to look for a teacher for her. Maybe we can ask around while we check out instruments or lx 18 at the music stores.