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26 May


It’s the summer holidays now and even if I’m homeschooling our kids the whole year, I still try to make use of the summer by letting my kids join summer workshops. Just last month, they joined the Mega sportscamp by CCF and they also did the Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew.

I’ve always wanted them to do an art workshop but our time and budget doesn’t permit. So, when I saw that Trend Micro is sponsoring an art workshop at the Crafters Marketplace in Shangrila Mall, I immediately took the opportunity.

So, last Monday was the schedule for the workshop and my kids and I went there. It was indeed a great experience for them to meet new friends and at the same time learn a thing or two in drawing and coloring. Since it’s a sponsored 2 hour workshop, they mainly focus on the theme, internet safety ( as Trend Micro is a company of an internet security software). Their art teacher gave them some tips on drawing and coloring and they were asked to do an artwork on the said theme. It was a fun 2 hour workshop for the kids, while I busied myself with the grocery and some ‘me time’. Thanks to Trend Micro and Crafters Marketplace!




26 May

It such a relief to be out of the summer heat since the rainy days have already started last week. Though, it’s great that the weather is much cooler now ( compared to the humid summer days) but somehow I’m also a bit worried that the rains may cause floods in different parts of the city. When the rest of the world might be busy writing Cozy Winters Reviews  , I’m here worrying that the next heavy rain might cause flooded streets and houses. Anyways, I just hope that it won’t rain that hard for the next few weeks in the city, thought the rains will be so helpful for those farmers in the mountains.

2 May

My kids are into composing songs. I think they got this from my hubby who ( with his family) has composed a few Tamil songs used for worship. My daughter already  got a few songs, she actually started composing a few songs since she was 7, though I’m not so sure if she still remembered her songs. I should have recorded those songs. As for my son, he has a few rock songs but what’s funny is that sometimes, he completely forgets his songs so, I’ve been telling him to immediately record them.

Anyways, I have ask them to write the lyrics of the songs and maybe I can record them singing their songs. We don’t have a hi tech microphone like sennheiser ew100 but I’m sure they will sound just fine.

3 Feb

 photo _DSC0244.jpg

We finally went to Museo Pambata for a field trip! I’ve always been postponing this trip since I thought that it won’t be so interesting but I was so wrong. The kids really enjoyed their time at the museum and told me it’s the best museum that they’ve been too. Well, that means they really had tons of fun!

 photo _DSC0249.jpg

 photo _DSC0262_1.jpg

We went there on a Thursday morning and there was no crowd at all. We were by ourselves except on the last portion of the tour when a group of Kindergarten kids came. It’s really good to go there without the crowd because the kids will have ample of time to discover and explore a lot of things. Museo Pambata is an interactive museum where kids can actually touch and tinker with the displays. With a crowd of other children, the kids will tend to be in a hurry and miss out a lot of things.

 photo _DSC0272.jpg

 photo _DSC0320.jpg

My kids’ favorite parts of the tour where the My Body Works  and the Marketplace. These were the places where they spent so much of time. The Marketplace was especially fun for them because they like to play ‘market market’ at home with pretend stuff but this time they have the opportunity to have a ‘real’ market all by themselves.

 photo _DSC0332.jpg

 photo _DSC0343.jpg

 photo _DSC0359.jpg

 photo _DSC0364.jpg

Anyways, If you have children  around 4-12 years old don’t miss to visit Museo pambata and I assure you that your kids will not just learn but enjoy themselves while learning new things.

 photo _DSC0288.jpg


MUSEO Pambata

Museum Hours

8 AM to 5 PM (Tuesdays to Saturdays)
1 PM to 5 PM (Sunday)

The museum is closed on Mondays and
selected official holidays.


Admission Fees

Php 250 (for children 2 yrs old and above and adults)

Museum workers and teachers (with valid IDs) – FREE
Manila residents (with valid IDs) – FREE on Tuesdays
and 50% discount on other days
(not applicable for group tours)

28 Dec

It has been 4 years since we celebrated Christmas here in Malaysia.  We had our past Christmases in Philippines and Thailand. So, it has been an adjustment for me once again when I didn’t feel that much ‘festivity’ here compared to the Philippines. But, since Christmas is not about us but a celebration for us as we remember how God  has provided Salvation for us through Jesus, then location won’t matter as much. :)

Then, later I realized, festivity is actually much more of a choice so, Hubby and I set some Christmas program for our family on Christmas eve. We started with prayer, reading the account of the birth of Jesus in the book of Luke, then declaration of thanksgiving to God , food, games and gifts! It was a beautiful night with family and we even didn’t realized that it was already 2:30 AM when it ended.

As for the gifts, we didn’t give out korg at Musician’s Friends  , but just simple gifts  for our families to use and remember us.

What about you? How was your Christmas celebrations?