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31 May

We belong to a Thai church and worship there every Sunday. But since it’s a Thai Church, preaching and worship are mostly in Thai language. Hubby and I can understand Thai but our kid’s Thai  is limited to everyday conversation. Thai language is complicated ( well, for me it is), there’s a different ‘rank’ for normal conversation and formal preaching or teaching. So, kids rely on translation during services.

But there are also times when we don’t go to church, our family just have worship on our own. This way, we get to worship in English , we assign the kids to lead worship where usually my son sings in Alto  . :) During our family worship, they also get a chance to understand the Word 100%. I enjoy our family worship as I get to hear more of our kids during our own sharing and testimony time. I see this as a part of discipling them, apart from our everyday devotions and quiet time.

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