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1 Jun

As a Stay-at-home mom and homeschooler mom, I rarely get a chance to be alone at home. But today is different. I’m home alone for the afternoon since Hubby is away and the kids are in Sunday School.

Since it’s a rare opportunity, I really got so excited with the thought that I can have the whole afternoon by myself. But as I came inside the house, it felt a bit weird. It was so quiet to the point of becoming lonely. As I planned on what to for the afternoon, the list seemed long and I’m not even sure if an afternoon would suffice. ┬áThe list actually included cleaning the kids’ room, packing, doing laundry and etc. Hahah! I like to work in peace.. But I decided that since I rarely get this chance, I need to do something at least for me. So, I decided to do relax first then do some exercise, work on my online tasks ( in peace), then later I’ll bake something and only then I will my housechores until the kids come back. Sounds like a good plan?

Ok, let me continue on with my plan before the kids come back. :)

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