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11 Jul


It has been tested and proven that children learn better through songs especially the auditory learners. That’s why I find Geography Songs by Kathy Troxel very helpful for my kids. My daughter has learned this 3 years ago but the songs ( the names of the countries and continents they belong) still stick to her. My son ( now 8 years old) who hates memorizing is simply enjoying this.

So, I really recommend this to all homeschool moms out there. This has songs about the continents, oceans, countries in Asia, South America, Europe and etc. Here’s a tip, as I know a lot of us homeschool moms want free stuff.. :) You don’t need to buy the CD for this. All you need to do is to download Spotify in your phone or computer ( if you don’t have one) and then search for Geography Songs Kathy Troxel and you’ll get to hear the songs for free! As with the lyrics of the songs ( since you won’t have the book), you can just write them down while you listen or even just search the lyrics through Google. I’m sure they’re listed somewhere.

I hope you can try this Geography Songs with the kids and let me know how you find it. :)

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