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22 Sep

From a Stay-at-home Mom I’ve officially become a Work-at-home Mom and I’m lovin’ it. :) I think it’s just about time that I ‘officially’ work even though I’m just having a part-time job. Everything is just timely and I thank God for this opportunity to work part time.

For one, my kids are both grown up and a bit more independent now so, I don’t hover around them 24/7. I get more ‘free’ time now and therefore I’m using this ‘free’ time to work. Secondly, the reason why I say it’s timely is because we are now living here in Manila and everything is just EXPENSIVE, from our house monthly rent ( which is like 3 times more than our rent in Thailand) to electricity bill. So, in short, we need the money! And we truly thank God for the provision! :)

As to how I’m adjusting my schedule in juggling work, homeschool, housechores and etc. Hmm… I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m still homeschooling my kids full time from morning to afternoon , so that leaves me late nights to do work. I’m a night person and I love the peace and quiet after the kids are asleep, but sleeping so late a night makes me wake up late most of the days.

Anyways, more of my ‘new’ adjustments as a WAHM on my next posts since it’s already so late … good night!

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