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Why You Should WANT To Homeschool📚👩‍🏫 (What You Need To Know)

Ever since I mentioned we were homeschooling last year, I received a flood of questions like "What made you want to?" "Are you worried your kids will turn out weird?" "What about socializing!" So in today's video, I'm chatting about why we are homeschooling, the benefits of homeschooling when everything is turning online, the issues…

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Morning Routine Of A Homeschool Mom | PRESCHOOL | 5 Year Old + 3 Year Old

In today's video, I'm chatting all about our updated morning routine now that we are a homeschooling family of three kids! Now that I have two preschoolers and a 10 month old baby, our mornings can be a bit crazy, which is why last year I sought out coming up with a schedule or rather…

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