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26 Oct

Our house has been in between two vacant houses for a couple of years, until a family moved in the other side of the house a few months earlier. The neighborhood that we’re living in has houses that are attached to each other, so we somewhat share the same wall with the houses beside us. When the other  house is noisy, that can easily be heard on the other side. So, with a neighbor now, we’re more cautious in letting our kids be a bit quiter. As you know, they’re used to play and laugh out loud since we were ‘alone’ in our area.

And just yesterday, my daughter came excitedly spreading the news that carpenters are working on the other house beside us. They’re changing the porch roofing, renovating the interior and maybe installing new doors, windows and window toppers. Oh, it does seem we’re no longer ‘neighborless’ and we will be in between 2 new neighbors. So, kids please behave and play quietly.

One Response to “New Neighbors”

    1:30 am on November 8th, 2012

    I´m really weary with that kind of housing setup. I´m too privacy-freak. It´s good that you´re getting a bigger neighborhood.

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