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12 Mar

Here we are now at our center, busy preparing for our English Summer Workshop. At the start of the week, I attempted to do a little bit of homeschool while I help out with the Center’s preparation. So, I brought along all of my girl’s Writing Worksheets and Math Workbook. My daughter has ‘breezed’ through all the sheets. But since I was so busy coming up with different student activities for the workshop, I wasn’t able to fully monitor my girl. At the end of the day, I saw her worksheets and she didn’t really do them well. I know she wanted to finish everything... 

26 Feb

Here is another of my daughter’s science experiment a couple of weeks ago. She made a wind vane andshe was able to record the direction of the wind for a few days. Oh, she had a lot of fun making this and testing its effectiveness. As usual, my daughter is so excited when Fridays come because it’s our experiment and baking day. After making the wind vane, we baked a cake to be given to our friend. So, I guess either she’ll become a scientist or a baker in the future.. 😉  

15 Feb

Yesterday was Valentines day. Our li’l gil made cards for me, my Hubby and her li’l brother. We then went out for Valentines dinner with our friends. It was really a good decision that me and Hubby had a pre Valentines date on the 13th. You see, we had visitors on the 14th so, there wasn’t any way we could go on a date. Going on a date with Hubby somehow refreshes me. As a Stay-at-home mom and homeschool ‘teacher’, life with the kids 24/7 is sometimes stressful. Oh, how I also long for adult conversations so, time with Hubby is very precious for me. How did your Valentines... 

13 Feb

Our girl made this ‘snake’ out of cardboard. This was her lesson about ‘rising air’. She placed the snake at the back of the radiator and saw how ‘hot’ air can make things rise. The same principle used in hot air balloons. Oh, I think it’s not just my daughter learning a lot of things in her lessons. I am refreshed of a number of things that I’ve learned in school but have forgotten now. But for sure, I haven’t learned a lot like this in my kindergarten years. That’s why my daughter is so blessed to have grown up at a time like this... 

10 Feb

In our schedule, Tuesdays and Thursdays are ‘non teaching days’ for me since my li’l boy is at home. So, instead I set these days as a time for my daughter to do her writing activities, self-reading and maths. These activities just needs less supervision so, sometimes it’s okay for my son to be around while my daughter does her work. But still, there are days when our son disturbs so much that I had to let go of these activities. Well, these are one of the few advantages of Homeschooling. It’s very flexible. But sometimes, I do feel guilty of being too flexible. I...