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2 Mar

We’ve been trying to prepare our li’l boy to go to a local school nearby. We actually tried to send him last year but he was barely 3 years old that time and I understand that he wasn’t ready for it then. One of the reasons we wanted to send him to ‘school’ was so that I could have more time to homeschool our girl and getting to play with other kids is a secondary reason. I know that doesn’t sound so reasonable, so I think that also kept us from seriously sending him to school. Now that he’s 3.5 years old, I keep asking him whether he wants to join his... 

13 Jan

Praise God! Our problem’s solved. We were concerned of our girl’s irregular homeschool due to our son’s unpredictable sleeping pattern. As mentioned before, I can only homeschool my girl once our li’l 3 year old is asleep. He is very active and it’s an arduous task for me to keep him quiet and behaved while I do lessons with my girl. My girl on the other hand get easily distracted and loses her concentration. But now, we have found a babysitter for our boy. Yesterday was our boy’s second day to our friends’ house. I’m thankful that everything seems... 

8 Dec

Met my homeschoolers. Tricia is turning 7 next year and she’s currently doing Sonlight’s Core K program. While my Lyle, li’l boy is still 3 years old, I’m planning to start Sonlight’s 3/4 program for him next year coupled with the reading program called Learn How to Read In 100 Easy Lessons. I still don’t know how I can homeschool both of them together next year as they are in different levels. But I’m planning to teach them every other day so I can concentrate on a child each day.