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9 Oct

I’ve registered my kids to a worldwide culture swap a couple of months ago. This program was started by 3 expat moms with an aim to educated our children and learn about the other countries and culture by exchanging cultural items. Each group  has 5 families ( mostly from different countries) and they exchange items  with themselves.

As for our group, we have 2 families from the US, 1 from England and another 1 from Canada. Last week, my kids and I went around town to buy the items we will be sending to the families. We decided to send them stuff in which they could use their 5 senses. So, we bought some Thai spicy noodles and tamarind candies for them to taste; souvenir items like fridge magnets, bookmarks and keychains for them to see; Thai newspapers writing book for them to ‘read’ and write; a Thai CD with folk songs for them to hear and a Jasmine scented wet wipes for them to smell.

My kids just need to write a few letters to their ‘new’ friends while I need to print a few details and information about the stuff we’re sending. Then they’re ready to be shipped off to their respective destinations.

Each package contains:

Spicy Tom Yum Noodles

Tamarind Candies

Fish Snack

Thai Newspaper

Thai Writing Book

Long Neck People Key Chain

Thai Money Keychain

Elephant Bookmark from Chiang Mai

Thailand Map Fridge Magnet

Greeting Card with the King’s Picture

Jasmine Scented wet wipes

Printed descriptions for each item

a letter and drawing from my daughter

* UPDATE: All items shipped!

One Response to “Worldwide Culture Swap”

  1. Frances
    3:56 pm on October 16th, 2012

    Hi! What a wonderful package you have put together! We’ve participated twice in the Worldwide Culture Swap and it was lots of fun! Thanks for sharing.

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