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18 Dec

My little girl has learned to appreciate books as early as 2 years old since we’ve been reading to her since she was still a baby. But now that she has learned to read, she and her books are just inseparable. She has become a real bookworm and has loved reading her homeschool materials. When we went to Vietnam, I brought a couple of her books so that she has something to do during our ‘waiting times’. And true enough she enjoyed browsing and reading her books on the train and at the airport. Here she is, seriously reading Dr. Do Little on the Train on the way to Bangkok Our... 

11 Dec

This photo was taken during our ‘Box Day’ . The day we received our homeschool materials. It actually took us a long time to receive them since we gave a Malaysian address. We just moved in our house in Thailand and that time and we were not so sure of our exact postal address. So, to make things simpler, we used our address in Malaysia. Anyways, during our box day a few months ago. Our little girl was really excited to see so much of books and science materials. She immediately picked up a book and asked me if we could start homeschooling the day after. LOL! It took me a few days...