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22 Feb

Have I mentioned before that our homeschool materials were actually donated by someone? Yes, we have an anonymous donor who supported us to buy our homeschool materials for a few years. Oh, I remember being in tears as I heard about this the first time. You see, for years we were sort of ‘confused’ on how to ‘educate’ our kids. International schools were too costly, local schools were in Thai and homeschool needs a lot of commitment and discipline. Our only option was homeschool and of all the programs available, I was most attracted to one of the expensive curriculum.... 

10 Feb

In our schedule, Tuesdays and Thursdays are ‘non teaching days’ for me since my li’l boy is at home. So, instead I set these days as a time for my daughter to do her writing activities, self-reading and maths. These activities just needs less supervision so, sometimes it’s okay for my son to be around while my daughter does her work. But still, there are days when our son disturbs so much that I had to let go of these activities. Well, these are one of the few advantages of Homeschooling. It’s very flexible. But sometimes, I do feel guilty of being too flexible. I... 

3 Jan

We have a new schedule for the New Year! Thank God for our friend who is also willing to take care of our boy so we could homeschool our girl regularly. So, my girl and I will do our Core K every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons when our boy is with the baby sitters. Then during Tuesdays and Fridays when our boy is at home, she can do writing and Horizons Math since she can just do this on her own with minimal supervision. I’m happy with our schedule for this year. It seems we could cover a lot of things in a week and hopefully catch up with our girl’s homeschool.  

11 Dec

This photo was taken during our ‘Box Day’ . The day we received our homeschool materials. It actually took us a long time to receive them since we gave a Malaysian address. We just moved in our house in Thailand and that time and we were not so sure of our exact postal address. So, to make things simpler, we used our address in Malaysia. Anyways, during our box day a few months ago. Our little girl was really excited to see so much of books and science materials. She immediately picked up a book and asked me if we could start homeschooling the day after. LOL! It took me a few days... 

5 Dec

Homeschooling my kids would have never crossed my mind if we were staying in our homecountry. I could have easily enroll them in a traditional school and relaxed. But then, because of our work, we have to be based in a country that is not our own. And the country that we are staying now has their own language and scripts and would be difficult for us to make it as the primary education for our kids. We could easily send our kids to an international school but that is if we have Hundred thousands of Baht to spare for education per child , per year! So, that left us one last option and that is Homeschool....