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28 Feb

One friday a month, we cancel experiment days and my girl and I go for a girl’s day out. So last Friday was our so-called girl’s day out and we both had a blast. There are actually no ‘lessons’ involved during our girl’s day out though sometimes we bring along a writing activity or two but it’s just a time for us to bond. Last Friday, we went to B’s Sweet for a snack. She had choco shake and the Lava cake while I had Walnut Brownies and Cappucino shake. We chit chatted and she also did some sketching. So, I also had some relaxing time reading the newspaper... 

8 Dec

Met my homeschoolers. Tricia is turning 7 next year and she’s currently doing Sonlight’s Core K program. While my Lyle, li’l boy is still 3 years old, I’m planning to start Sonlight’s 3/4 program for him next year coupled with the reading program called Learn How to Read In 100 Easy Lessons. I still don’t know how I can homeschool both of them together next year as they are in different levels. But I’m planning to teach them every other day so I can concentrate on a child each day.