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3 Feb

We had an activity today for my li’l girl’s Language Arts Subject in her homeschool. She was to tell a story using the illustration on her book. Then, I will have to write the story out and print it. This activity will develop the student’s creativity in storytelling. Anyways, I was amused with my li’l girl’s story. She started out very well but the ending was quite abrupt. I guess it’s my fault since I kept on telling her not to make her story very long. You see, she has the tendency to get so drawn with her storytelling that she can tell a story non stop. So, here’s her story.... 

9 Jan

My daughter doesn’t like to do her writing activity. I think that’s a common problem for all Kindergarten students. Writing seems boring and hard. I know, I’ve been there. But what puzzles me is that when she was still going for her Thai school, she would write pages and pages of the Thai scripts. And her penmanship is beautiful. But when it comes to write the romanized letters and words, he penmanship doesn’t seem as beautiful. It must be because she’s not really trying her best or she likes to write the Thai scripts better. But nevertheless, I’m trying to...