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26 Feb

Here is another of my daughter’s science experiment a couple of weeks ago. She made a wind vane andshe was able to record the direction of the wind for a few days. Oh, she had a lot of fun making this and testing its effectiveness. As usual, my daughter is so excited when Fridays come because it’s our experiment and baking day. After making the wind vane, we baked a cake to be given to our friend. So, I guess either she’ll become a scientist or a baker in the future.. 😉  

6 Feb

Plants number 1,2 and 3 before they were transported to their proper places One of my daughter’s first science experiments was seeing how the bean sprouts. She did observed her beans for a week and was very excited to see the seedlings grow. Then, during the second week, she moved the seedlings into 3 separate pots. Two pots will be near the window. One will be watered everyday while the other one wouldn’t. The third pot will be hidden inside the dark room but will be watered everyday. During the first few days my daughter was very consistent in following the instructions but as days... 

31 Jan

I just love our homeschool Science book for our li’l girl. It’s the Usborne Internet -Linked Children’s Encylopedia. Each topic is only covered in 2 colorful pages complete with illustrations and descriptions that are very easy for the children to understand and remember. The book is also internet linked so every topic will have its corresponding links to websites that will be very helpful in supplementing the children’s knowledge and experience for the topic. Most of the links are videos, interactive games and activities that my daughter really enjoy. I’m amazed by how my daughter... 

21 Jan

Fridays are my daughter’s most awaited day. It’s her experiment day for her homeschool. She’s really enjoying all the hands on experience she’s getting from her science program. Today, she made her own play dough that’s made of flour. We were supposed to make bread but I overlooked the  yeast. I was sure to have one but somehow I couldn’t find it in my cupboard. Anyways, I also find her experiments very helpful to help her fully understand the concepts that she studies in her science book. Reading and following instructions from her book. Tadaa!! Baking done! Now it’s time...