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27 Dec

We are having a blessed Christmas holidays here in Taiping. Our kids are really enjoying their time with their cousin. They have even met cousins whom they have met for the first time.

Days are being spent, going around the shops to buy gifts and spending a lot of time with family members. We have yet to go to the Zoo and Museum. Going to these places can help our kids to learn a lot about animals and a little bit of history lessons for Taiping.

Remember I posted a week back about bringing our homeschool materials and doing a bit of homeschool for our girl? Well, I brought the materials. It was all in a medium sized bag that’s so heavy to carry. But unfortunately, we were not able to do any homeschool. Oh, they’re just having so much of fun ( and so is the teacher ) that it’s a pity to isolate our child and let her do work.

So, it’s a holiday and we’ll have to wait until we get back home to do ‘serious’ homeschool.

Our kids with their cousins..they met some of them here for the first time.

We watched Rapuzel..oh, that was a great movie..everyone enjoyed it

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