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12 Dec

We enrolled our li’l girl in the local Thai school last semester. We made special arrangements with the school to allow her to only attend the morning sessions since she has to do homeschool in the afternoons. The school principal was considerate enough to accept our li’l girl as a special student. We wanted her to be in Thai school so she can have Thai friends and at learn the language a bit.

On the second term, the school was closed for many days because of the flood. We also got busy trying to recover from the flood since our house and center got affected. We didn’t send her to school for a week. And the week she was supposed to go to school, her cousins from the Philippines came. It was a pity to send her to school while her cousins whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, were at home. So, we decided not to let her go to school this term since we also had travel plans to Vietnam and Malaysia. By the time we come back, it’s only a month away from Summer break.

So, that explains why our girl hasn’t been in school this term. But we will surely send her to school next term. We still find that being in Thai school can help here in her social skills and Thai Language.

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