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5 Dec

Homeschooling my kids would have never crossed my mind if we were staying in our homecountry. I could have easily enroll them in a traditional school and relaxed. But then, because of our work, we have to be based in a country that is not our own. And the country that we are staying now has their own language and scripts and would be difficult for us to make it as the primary education for our kids. We could easily send our kids to an international school but that is if we have Hundred thousands of Baht to spare for education per child , per year!

So, that left us one last option and that is Homeschool. I was reluctant at first to homeschool my kids. I was clueless on what to do but since I didn’t have a choice, I still have to do it. So, I joined forums and searched for materials that will ease my ‘reluctance’ and thank God for letting me find a good homeschool forum and a program that suits me and kids. ( I will share about my homeschool program in another post).

Fast forward four months into our homeschool journey and my daughter is still so excited to do homeschool. I’m surprised that I myself, am enjoying the experience too.

Now, I’m proud to say that I’m not a reluctant homeschooler Mom anymore. :)


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