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29 Jan

I mentioned in my post yesterday about teaching my li’l girl the Philippine National Anthem. I first search for the lyrics from Wikipedia so, I could print it out for my girl to see. Oh, of course I still remember our national anthem, but I just want to make sure of the spelling of some words. 😉

Then, I let her listen to the beat from the audio file in the Wikipedia. It was only then I remembered of searching for videos from Youtube. I remember when I was still younger that before the last full show, a video of the Philippine national anthem will be shown and in which everyone is required to stand up. I was searching for something like that when I found the video below.

Oh, I had goosebumps while watching the video. It was nicely done and I’m amazed as to how they were able to fit in all the country’s important events in 2 minutes. While it was shown, I have a little bit of history lessons for my girl. So, it was like she just had a 2 minute dose of Philippine history. :)

I will sure be adding Philippine history as a subject once she’s about 8-9 years old. It wouldn’t be too late then, right?

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