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13 Jan

Praise God! Our problem’s solved. We were concerned of our girl’s irregular homeschool due to our son’s unpredictable sleeping pattern. As mentioned before, I can only homeschool my girl once our li’l 3 year old is asleep. He is very active and it’s an arduous task for me to keep him quiet and behaved while I do lessons with my girl. My girl on the other hand get easily distracted and loses her concentration.

But now, we have found a babysitter for our boy. Yesterday was our boy’s second day to our friends’ house. I’m thankful that everything seems to be working well. He is happy to stay there and even if he has only seen our friends a few times but he was very at ease to be in their house.

So, for 2 afternoons my girl and I were able to do 4 hoursĀ  uninterrupted homeschooling. Wow! I’m amazed as to how much 4 hours can do. We breezed through her History, Geography and Science.

Oh, I’m so looking forward for our homeschool afternoons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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