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6 Feb

Plants number 1,2 and 3 before they were transported to their proper places

One of my daughter’s first science experiments was seeing how the bean sprouts. She did observed her beans for a week and was very excited to see the seedlings grow.

Then, during the second week, she moved the seedlings into 3 separate pots. Two pots will be near the window. One will be watered everyday while the other one wouldn’t. The third pot will be hidden inside the dark room but will be watered everyday.

During the first few days my daughter was very consistent in following the instructions but as days passed by she forgets to water the plants. There were also a few times that her little brother ‘helps’ her in watering the plant my ‘drowning’ the plants with the water. LOL! Oh, it was a disaster. But at the end of 2 weeks, we still saw some results on the way the plants grew, like which plant grew the healthiest and which plant is not.  And from there, we were able to make a few conclusions from the experiment.

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