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3 Feb

We had an activity today for my li’l girl’s Language Arts Subject in her homeschool. She was to tell a story using the illustration on her book. Then, I will have to write the story out and print it. This activity will develop the student’s creativity in storytelling.

Anyways, I was amused with my li’l girl’s story. She started out very well but the ending was quite abrupt. I guess it’s my fault since I kept on telling her not to make her story very long. You see, she has the tendency to get so drawn with her storytelling that she can tell a story non stop.

So, here’s her story. I just typed everything verbatim.


The Toy of Wonders

Once upon a time in very far away land, there lived a boy named John. When John was in his room he was thinking about having a very nice toy- a robot.

There was robot in space that was looking around for an owner. He realized, he didn’t have enough gas. So, he dropped and fell from space.. down and down to the Earth. He went to the place where John lived. He dropped down to John’s window in his room. John was surprised to see a new toy there in his room. So, then John jumped around and said, “Hooray! I found a new toy! I love it so much!” Then he played with it every time. He made it clean and shiny. John loved the robot very much.

When John went to school, the robot and each toy talked to the robot. One toy that is a fish squeaky toy said, “ Oh, oh oh, can you make me to a gold fish? Are you a magician?” There was an airplane. The airplane said, “ Give me some batteries, I don’t have batteries.” One piggy bank said, “ Oh,oh oh. Are you a new piggy bank? Because you have a hole there!”. Everybody asked about the Robot. But the Robot did not understand what they were saying.

And then John came back from school and he said to his mother, “ Mother, I have a new robot! Can I please play with him outside?” His mother said, “ Okay! But please come back before dinner.”

John and the robot became bestfriends. The toys were looking down at John and the robot. They said, “Why did the new toy is not giving him money? Why the new toy is not a piggy bank?”

Then, John and the Robot were very happy and they lived happily ever after.

– story by Tricia ( 6 years old)


This is my post from my other blog. I want to share it here since it’s homeschool related

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