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12 Mar

Here we are now at our center, busy preparing for our English Summer Workshop. At the start of the week, I attempted to do a little bit of homeschool while I help out with the Center’s preparation. So, I brought along all of my girl’s Writing Worksheets and Math Workbook. My daughter has ‘breezed’ through all the sheets. But since I was so busy coming up with different student activities for the workshop, I wasn’t able to fully monitor my girl. At the end of the day, I saw her worksheets and she didn’t really do them well. I know she wanted to finish everything fast so she could have more time to do other things and she knew that I was too busy to check on her like a hawk.

So, that was the last of mixing homeschool with my busyness. I feel that for her to do her best, I must be there to constantly watch her and check on her. So, today, I allowed her to just do her own thing, read some of the books from the Center’s library and help out other teacher’s with cutting and pasting.

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