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2 Mar

We’ve been trying to prepare our li’l boy to go to a local school nearby. We actually tried to send him last year but he was barely 3 years old that time and I understand that he wasn’t ready for it then. One of the reasons we wanted to send him to ‘school’ was so that I could have more time to homeschool our girl and getting to play with other kids is a secondary reason. I know that doesn’t sound so reasonable, so I think that also kept us from seriously sending him to school.

Now that he’s 3.5 years old, I keep asking him whether he wants to join his sister in the local school  in May and he still answers , “No!”. If, I asked him why, he would then tell me that we want to go to ‘homestool’.. LOL! Yes, that’s how he calls , ‘Homeschool’. Cute!

So, I guess, my boy’s not ready for Thai school yet. I’ll have to wait until he reaches 4 years old. For the meantime, I can homeschool him starting in May, when my girl goes to Thai school in the mornings.


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