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20 Aug

The computer that I’m using now is sick and old. 1st, the cable has some problems that Hubby had to reconnect it with an electric wire but one wrong move and it becomes disconnected again. Then, the power button is not working well, so I need to use a hair pin or toothpick to poke it and turn it on. And lastly, the SD card slot is not working so, I have to use another computer for me to download photos from my SD card. As for my laptop’s performance, it’s quite okay but I need search for ways on how to clean up a slow computer . So, that’s the tale of my old and sick computer, but still I’m thankful that at least, I have a computer to use to connect with my family and friends, work on my online tasks and search for homeschool stuff.

But, sometimes I can’t help but wish for a more reliable computer.. :)

One Response to “Old and Sick Computer”

  1. nanay
    5:13 am on August 23rd, 2013

    it’s time to buy a new one….asa man ang cheaper here in the phil or there in hatyai?

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