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23 Oct

We’ve been very busy the past weeks that our homeschool schedule has been a bit messy. We didn’t have proper homeschool for the past 3 weeks since Hubby has been sick and we also travelled in between. When I talked another homeschool mom about my dilemma of our homeschool being pushed away everytime we travel, she was a bit suprised that we basically cancel homeschool when we’re out. She said, they also did homeschool while travelling and she mentioned about setting goals for her children for the day so at least they accomplish something while on the go.

Homeschool on the go… hmm.. I’ve tried that before .. brought all our books and homeschool materials while travelling but then, the students ( and the teacher) are usually on a vacation mode and we are left carrying the books without actually using them.

But with us being so far behind with our schedule now, I think I will have to reconsider that option.

23 Oct

My daughter is really interested to learn to play the piano. When we were staying at my sister-in-law’s house last week, I found her teaching herself to play the piano. She has been playing everyday and even when we were at church she has played a few songs too. I’m happy that she’s really interested to learn to play music instruments. I’m planning to ask help from one of our piano players to teach her some piano basics and maybe if my daughter is really into it, then we will let her go for formal lessons.

4 Sep

Three more days to go and it’s going to be our 12th wedding anniversary. Now, I feel so old! Hehehe!

Thanking GOd for the 12 years of being married to my Hubby. Even if we come from different countries and entirely different cultures but most of the time I forget about this fact and it just feels that there are no major differences at all. Sometimes, I only ‘wake up’ to the fact that I’m married to a ‘foreigner’ when he sings in Tamil in the shower! lol!

Marriage is truly a beautiful thing, I think that’s why the analogy of the coming of Christ and the church as a Bride is being used in the Bible. I mean, in marriage you can experience the love that is needed as to how Christ love the church… unconditionally. In marriage you can find love, forgiveness, strength, oneness, joy, (and yes sometimes) tears, understanding.. and all the other things.. And the more you stay together, the deeper your love and commitment becomes. It’s more than just giving couples promise rings needs deeper faith and love from God.

Thank you Lord for the 12 years! And praying for more of your presence and love for the rest of the years as we love You and serve You!

4 Sep

I truly thank God for His provision! We have now ordered our homeschool materials and we’re just waiting for them to arrive. We are a bit late for my desired schedule to start homeschooling but I think it’s still quite timely since we’ve been traveling for the past weeks.

While waiting for our materials to arrive, I’m going to let my kids do some supplement activities which I downloaded for free and printed from the internet. I also have to work out and finalize our homeschool  schedule.

I’m quite excited and more determined to make this homeschool year a better one than the last. Homeschooling is not an easy endeavor, there are ups and downs..but  mostly for me, I just need to change a lot my expectations and ideals to make this road less traveled a better one.

14 Aug

Since we’re on a homeschool break, I’m truly in a holiday mode. Thanks to our friends who invited us to go with them to an island.  We are truly enjoying our break. Everyday we go around swimming and sightseeing. The kids are truly enjoying this experience to the maximum. But as an introvert, my idea of a holiday is to stay in, listen to online music plug it in, read a book and sleep. I try to do this as much as I can, but with kids so excited to go to the pool or to the beach, my  me- time is so limited.

But I’m still enjoying this break.. maybe I just need another holiday to laze around, reflect and get refreshed. :)