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20 May

I just uploaded this Guitar Tuner app that has some mini tutorials in it. As I was going through the tutorials with my son, my daughter was also interested to learn in playing the guitar. Oh, if only we could find someone here to teach my kids guitar. I know how to play a bit but I’m not sure if my ‘skills’ are enough to teach them. I’m afraid  they might also learn the wrong way. I don’t even know some terms like fret 12 and the like.  :)

19 Mar


I guess this boy loves homeschooling too much..or he’s just addicted to learning. It’s funny how he just announces that he’s going to do homeschool on his own at such odd times. In the photo above, it was already almost 10 o’clock on a Friday night when he decided he’s going to homeschool. On Friday nights, they’re actually allowed to sleep a bit late utilizing this time as free time, but instead he’s spending it reading his books and answering his worksheets. Sometimes, he decides to do homeschool on Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons. Of course, I’m not complaining since he’s happily doing it and it just means that he is just so interested to learn more.

27 Feb

We had quite a long break in homeschool when we went back home to my home country and Hubby’s home country – 2 months!

Of course, when we came back home ( after the long break) it took awhile for our kids to adjust with our homeschool schedule. You see, they’ve been in a vacation mode for 2 months and all they had was- fun, fun and a lot of fun! So, coming back to a homeschool/study mode was a bit difficult for them. They missed their cousins, they missed going out to the malls, they miss the free and easy daily schedule, they missed biking around with their new friends  and etc.

Oh, starting back homeschool was difficult for the first two weeks, but thankfully it has been a month now since we arrived and we’re doing okay. Once again, my 7 year old son is excited with Science and History  and my daughter is doing more creative writing and starting to enjoy her maths ( and that’s a miracle!). As for the homeschool teacher, I’m loving the routine and the sense of accomplishment of going through the day and finishing most of the work. Of course, not everyday is perfect, there will still be days when they groggily get out of bed or complain when they answer and extra pages on their maths, but all in all, we’re doing fine and having fun! :)

13 Dec

Books, book and more books… it does seem we’re hoarding books from the book sales here in the city. As you know, there are not a lot of English books in Thailand and they’re quite pricey in Malaysia. But here in the Philippines, there are shops that sell 2nd hand books at a very cheap price.

A few days ago, we went and bought a few books for the kids ( and for us) from BookSale in SM, then the day after we bought a few more at BookSale at RObinsons, then at OMF Lit. Then yesterday, we found out that National bookstore had a booksale and we bought a few more books for only 20 pesos each! Woaahh that’s a really good deal! Now, I think our next mission is to look for other National bookstore branches and check on the branches’ sale.

23 Oct

A few weeks ago, while waiting for my daughter’s homeschool materials to arrive, I introduced her to Khan Academy to supplement her homeschooling. I let her explore the site and even showed her the science and social studies subject, she didn’t find it as engaging since it’s all words and articles. But then she found something about Computer Programming and now she’s seriously doing the subject and I think she has learned so much for the past weeks. She already knows about all the codes and Javascripts and etc.

I think my daughter has really become an independent learner and has come to a point where she can teach herself to do things. She’s even learning to play piano on her own now. Maybe next time we will also be  visit musicans friend to look at the different musical instruments.