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11 Jul


It has been tested and proven that children learn better through songs especially the auditory learners. That’s why I find Geography Songs by Kathy Troxel very helpful for my kids. My daughter has learned this 3 years ago but the songs ( the names of the countries and continents they belong) still stick to her. My son ( now 8 years old) who hates memorizing is simply enjoying this.

So, I really recommend this to all homeschool moms out there. This has songs about the continents, oceans, countries in Asia, South America, Europe and etc. Here’s a tip, as I know a lot of us homeschool moms want free stuff.. :) You don’t need to buy the CD for this. All you need to do is to download Spotify in your phone or computer ( if you don’t have one) and then search for Geography Songs Kathy Troxel and you’ll get to hear the songs for free! As with the lyrics of the songs ( since you won’t have the book), you can just write them down while you listen or even just search the lyrics through Google. I’m sure they’re listed somewhere.

I hope you can try this Geography Songs with the kids and let me know how you find it. :)

1 Jun

As a Stay-at-home mom and homeschooler mom, I rarely get a chance to be alone at home. But today is different. I’m home alone for the afternoon since Hubby is away and the kids are in Sunday School.

Since it’s a rare opportunity, I really got so excited with the thought that I can have the whole afternoon by myself. But as I came inside the house, it felt a bit weird. It was so quiet to the point of becoming lonely. As I planned on what to for the afternoon, the list seemed long and I’m not even sure if an afternoon would suffice.  The list actually included cleaning the kids’ room, packing, doing laundry and etc. Hahah! I like to work in peace.. But I decided that since I rarely get this chance, I need to do something at least for me. So, I decided to do relax first then do some exercise, work on my online tasks ( in peace), then later I’ll bake something and only then I will my housechores until the kids come back. Sounds like a good plan?

Ok, let me continue on with my plan before the kids come back. :)

31 May

We belong to a Thai church and worship there every Sunday. But since it’s a Thai Church, preaching and worship are mostly in Thai language. Hubby and I can understand Thai but our kid’s Thai  is limited to everyday conversation. Thai language is complicated ( well, for me it is), there’s a different ‘rank’ for normal conversation and formal preaching or teaching. So, kids rely on translation during services.

But there are also times when we don’t go to church, our family just have worship on our own. This way, we get to worship in English , we assign the kids to lead worship where usually my son sings in Alto  . :) During our family worship, they also get a chance to understand the Word 100%. I enjoy our family worship as I get to hear more of our kids during our own sharing and testimony time. I see this as a part of discipling them, apart from our everyday devotions and quiet time.

22 May

It seems that we’re always trying to catch up with homeschooling. My excuse for this unending delays in our schedule is that we travel a lot. And since we’re already delayed and catching up, I feel stressed and pressured to let the kids do more work in a day. This also equates to stress for the kids and you can already imagine how our days go.

Anyways, I’m trying to practice to take things easy… I know I will only have a year left to homeschool our kids before we send them to a learning center. So, I better make the most out of our last 1 year together. :) I have to remind myself to relax…relax and relax.. homeschool is supposed to be fun … :)

20 May

I just uploaded this Guitar Tuner app that has some mini tutorials in it. As I was going through the tutorials with my son, my daughter was also interested to learn in playing the guitar. Oh, if only we could find someone here to teach my kids guitar. I know how to play a bit but I’m not sure if my ‘skills’ are enough to teach them. I’m afraid  they might also learn the wrong way. I don’t even know some terms like fret 12 and the like.  :)