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16 Sep

I miss doing our homeschool field trips in the Philippines. When I asked my kids what they missed most during our time in the Philippines, they mentioned ‘going for field trips’. You see, while we were there, I really didn’t make so much a fuss about finishin up work and such, we didn’t do ‘serious’ homeschool but it was more like a laid back kind of homeschool. We tried to go for a field trip every week, which we later found out to be impractical since it becomes so expensive to go out every week. But we did have it quite regularly, like twice a month or so.

Now, that we’re here in Malaysia and the kids are in a Homeschool Learning Centre, I think it’ll be a different story. But even then, I think we will have to continue doing family field trips not just for their ‘learning expererience’ but for family bonding as well. There are so many places we can visit here, even a trip to the radio station with dj mixing board can be a great learning experience for the kids. Anyways, I will have to start listing out the places we can go for Field Trips. Hmm,..this is going to be exciting!

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