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16 Sep

After searching far and wide for our kids homeschool learning center, we finally found the best one for them. You see, we have to consider things like price, curriculum and distance when we choosing it. We were almost settled to one homeschool center that wasn’t the ‘best’ for me in terms of price and distance but that was the best choice we had so far. But thankfully, through a friend, we were introduced to a center that was just so near my office and not to mention they had cheaper tuition fees too. When we went and visited the place, the kids just loved it. They had so many facilities like a swimming pool and other sports facilities. The only thing that didn’t have was a music room with different musical instruments like drums, piano or G&L Bass . But for music classes, maybe I can just send them on my own. But, I am very satisfied with where my kids are now and they are also very happy with their new school. :)

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