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16 Sep

After searching far and wide for our kids homeschool learning center, we finally found the best one for them. You see, we have to consider things like price, curriculum and distance when we choosing it. We were almost settled to one homeschool center that wasn’t the ‘best’ for me in terms of price and distance but that was the best choice we had so far. But thankfully, through a friend, we were introduced to a center that was just so near my office and not to mention they had cheaper tuition fees too. When we went and visited the place, the kids just loved it. They had so many facilities like a swimming pool and other sports facilities. The only thing that didn’t have was a music room with different musical instruments like drums, piano or G&L Bass . But for music classes, maybe I can just send them on my own. But, I am very satisfied with where my kids are now and they are also very happy with their new school. :)

16 Sep

I miss doing our homeschool field trips in the Philippines. When I asked my kids what they missed most during our time in the Philippines, they mentioned ‘going for field trips’. You see, while we were there, I really didn’t make so much a fuss about finishin up work and such, we didn’t do ‘serious’ homeschool but it was more like a laid back kind of homeschool. We tried to go for a field trip every week, which we later found out to be impractical since it becomes so expensive to go out every week. But we did have it quite regularly, like twice a month or so.

Now, that we’re here in Malaysia and the kids are in a Homeschool Learning Centre, I think it’ll be a different story. But even then, I think we will have to continue doing family field trips not just for their ‘learning expererience’ but for family bonding as well. There are so many places we can visit here, even a trip to the radio station with dj mixing board can be a great learning experience for the kids. Anyways, I will have to start listing out the places we can go for Field Trips. Hmm,..this is going to be exciting!

26 May


It’s the summer holidays now and even if I’m homeschooling our kids the whole year, I still try to make use of the summer by letting my kids join summer workshops. Just last month, they joined the Mega sportscamp by CCF and they also did the Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew.

I’ve always wanted them to do an art workshop but our time and budget doesn’t permit. So, when I saw that Trend Micro is sponsoring an art workshop at the Crafters Marketplace in Shangrila Mall, I immediately took the opportunity.

So, last Monday was the schedule for the workshop and my kids and I went there. It was indeed a great experience for them to meet new friends and at the same time learn a thing or two in drawing and coloring. Since it’s a sponsored 2 hour workshop, they mainly focus on the theme, internet safety ( as Trend Micro is a company of an internet security software). Their art teacher gave them some tips on drawing and coloring and they were asked to do an artwork on the said theme. It was a fun 2 hour workshop for the kids, while I busied myself with the grocery and some ‘me time’. Thanks to Trend Micro and Crafters Marketplace!




26 May

It such a relief to be out of the summer heat since the rainy days have already started last week. Though, it’s great that the weather is much cooler now ( compared to the humid summer days) but somehow I’m also a bit worried that the rains may cause floods in different parts of the city. When the rest of the world might be busy writing Cozy Winters Reviews  , I’m here worrying that the next heavy rain might cause flooded streets and houses. Anyways, I just hope that it won’t rain that hard for the next few weeks in the city, thought the rains will be so helpful for those farmers in the mountains.

2 May

My kids are into composing songs. I think they got this from my hubby who ( with his family) has composed a few Tamil songs used for worship. My daughter already  got a few songs, she actually started composing a few songs since she was 7, though I’m not so sure if she still remembered her songs. I should have recorded those songs. As for my son, he has a few rock songs but what’s funny is that sometimes, he completely forgets his songs so, I’ve been telling him to immediately record them.

Anyways, I have ask them to write the lyrics of the songs and maybe I can record them singing their songs. We don’t have a hi tech microphone like sennheiser ew100 but I’m sure they will sound just fine.