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20 Sep

Wednesdays are our kids favorite days now, that’s because it’s our field trip day!! Being new to Manila and since this is the longest time our kids will be in the Philippines, we thought that we just have to take the opportunity of learning about the country as much as they can. Thus, the field trip days were born!

So far for our field trips, we’ve been to UP Vargas Museum, Quezon City Circle, Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park and Cat Cafe Manila ( yes, going to cafe’s are considered field trips ;)) . We still have a long list of other places to go since we will be here for another 8 months. Included in the list are National Museum, Museo Pambata, Marikina River , Shoe Museum, Mind Museum, Ayala Museum and etc. I hope there’s also some kind of music museum here where the kids can see different kinds of instruments like the shred x, see traditional Filipino intruments  and learn different kinds of music.

Oh, I foresee this year as a great homeschool year and not to mention an expensive one too! 😉

11 Aug

We’re loving our new place! Aside from the accessibility of our place to other parts of Metro Manila ( with the MRT station and bus stop just just below us), it also has a surplus shop nearby. It’s a very big surplus shop and they just have everything from books to used victoria   amplifiers.

Just a few days ago, we were there and bought some books, a game board and an toys for our friend. Though I feel some stuff are a bit expensive for a 2nd hand item, but if you ‘dig deeper’ you can find some good deals.

11 Aug

We’re here in the Philippines now and we already found a house to rent. It has been a week now since we’ve moved in and I’m almost getting used to this place and starting to feel at home. We thank God that we got a fully furnished house complete with built-in cabinets which I’m sure they’re not from .  Even if our unit seems very small, but it’s cute and cozy. But honestly, it took me about two days to really adjust with the size and the noise from the busy hi-way in front.

But all in all, we’re really thankful to God for being able to settle in quite well. We will be here in the next 10 months and we’re praying for a pleasant and beautiful time here.

23 Jul

I know I haven’t been active in the blogging world lately. My motives for blogging have changed over the years and it has become more of ‘monetary’ reasons as opposed to writing and sharing thoughts and ideas with other bloggers. You see, ever since I’ve monetized my blogs, I only visit and update them whenever I have writing opportunities. Indeed these opportunities have blessed me in many ways, but somehow it has dampen my enthusiasm for writing.

So now, whether I have writing tasks or not, I will try to update my blogs as much as I can.  Writing in my blogs can allow me to share my thoughts and at the same time improve on my writing. I really want to improve on my writing and I will intentionally want to do so.

19 Jul

All bags are packed and now we’re ready to go. Yes, we’re moving from Thailand to the Philippines and so our homeschool room is going to move too. Though I’m not sure whether our next house will even have a space for a homeschool room since it has been quite challenging looking for a house (within our budget) in Manila.

So, our family of 4 plus 120 kgs. of baggage which consists of mostly our kids’ homeschool books are set to fly next week. Yes, we have to limit the things that we needed to bring and even our daughter’s piano keyboard (not the avid keyboard  use for music) will be left behind. We pray that we will have a good transition and the kids will be able to adjust well.