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28 Dec

It has been 4 years since we celebrated Christmas here in Malaysia.  We had our past Christmases in Philippines and Thailand. So, it has been an adjustment for me once again when I didn’t feel that much ‘festivity’ here compared to the Philippines. But, since Christmas is not about us but a celebration for us as we remember how God  has provided Salvation for us through Jesus, then location won’t matter as much. :)

Then, later I realized, festivity is actually much more of a choice so, Hubby and I set some Christmas program for our family on Christmas eve. We started with prayer, reading the account of the birth of Jesus in the book of Luke, then declaration of thanksgiving to God , food, games and gifts! It was a beautiful night with family and we even didn’t realized that it was already 2:30 AM when it ended.

As for the gifts, we didn’t give out korg at Musician’s Friends  , but just simple gifts  for our families to use and remember us.

What about you? How was your Christmas celebrations?

31 Oct



My niece and nephew are here for a week holiday and we originally planned a lot of activities for them. Our first choice was actually letting the kids go to Kidzania but we booked the tickets a bit late and there were no more slots available. So, our second choice was Dream Play. When I searched through the internet about this place, it did have a lot of good reviews and somehow I really didn’t expect so much knowing that the area is quite small. Nevertheless, I know that the kids will have a great time where ever they are.

So we took the 4 hour tickets for our kids and  I didn’t go in with them anymore and just let my Hubby accompany them while I went ‘malling’ with my sis and mom. :) Sure enough, the kids had a great time and my son was even telling me that ‘it’s the best day ever!” . Yes, that was how happy they were.

Basically, the Dream Play is interactive play where the kids learn to create and do stuff while they have a great time. Since my son’s very energetic, he really had a blast doing all the climbing, dancing and jumping. My daughter on the other hand enjoyed the  building of the boats and the library. It was just sad that they we’rent able to bake the Ginger bread man because they only have very limited slots.

All in all, it was a great learning experience for our kids and their cousins.

24 Oct

Here is my daughter’s Lego Music Video of Toby Mac’s song Get Back Up. I’m so happy of how she made this very well. Watch and let us know what you think..

She’s currently doing another music video and I’ll upload it here once she’s done.

21 Oct

NM Museum Month 2015


To celebrate the Museums and Galleries month, National Museums in the Philippines will have free admissions! It’s not just that National Museum in the Philippines where you can avail of this free admission but to other Museums around the country as well.

Here’s the list of museums participating in the Museums and Galleries month

  • The National Museum currently houses three buildings in Manila; The Museum of the Filipino People (National Museum of Anthropology), The National Art Gallery and the National Planetarium that are repositories of the natural and cultural history of Filipinos and our environment.
  • Other branches of the NM are the P. Burgos House and Magsingal Branch in Ilocos Sur,
  • Kabayan Branch in Benguet
  • Kiangan Branch in Ifugao
  • Quezon Branch in Palawan
  • Cebu Branch in Cebu City (Museo Sugbo Compound, under renovation)
  • Butuan Branch in Agusan del Norte
  • Tabaco Museum in Albay
  • Fort Pilar Museum in Zamboanga City
  • Boac Museum in Marinduque
  • the Jolo Branch Museum in Sulu

(source: FB page of The National Commission for Culture and the Arts)

So to all students and homeschoolers out there, it’s our chance to learn more about the Philippines history, culture and arts by visiting our beloved museums for free for the whole month of October!

22 Sep

From a Stay-at-home Mom I’ve officially become a Work-at-home Mom and I’m lovin’ it. :) I think it’s just about time that I ‘officially’ work even though I’m just having a part-time job. Everything is just timely and I thank God for this opportunity to work part time.

For one, my kids are both grown up and a bit more independent now so, I don’t hover around them 24/7. I get more ‘free’ time now and therefore I’m using this ‘free’ time to work. Secondly, the reason why I say it’s timely is because we are now living here in Manila and everything is just EXPENSIVE, from our house monthly rent ( which is like 3 times more than our rent in Thailand) to electricity bill. So, in short, we need the money! And we truly thank God for the provision! :)

As to how I’m adjusting my schedule in juggling work, homeschool, housechores and etc. Hmm… I’m still getting the hang of it. I’m still homeschooling my kids full time from morning to afternoon , so that leaves me late nights to do work. I’m a night person and I love the peace and quiet after the kids are asleep, but sleeping so late a night makes me wake up late most of the days.

Anyways, more of my ‘new’ adjustments as a WAHM on my next posts since it’s already so late … good night!